Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Steve Jobs acknowledges iPhone app crash

iPhone owners suddenly locked out of their third-party apps by a crash bug on startup will have a solution only in September, Apple chief Steve Jobs has revealed.

Steve job has published a characteristically brief and rare personal responses, assuring the iPhone users that his company is aware of the problem and has a solution.

"This is a known iPhone bug that is being fixed in the next software update in September," reads the one-line message from the Apple co-founder.

Many report the iPhone 2.0 firmware suddenly failing to load non-default apps regardless of their nature, briefly loading them before abruptly jumping back to the home screen.

The bug occurs both with freshly downloaded software and with updates, but is reported as never having a definite fix; although some report successfully deleting and re-downloading apps to regain access, others find the solution either having no effect or gradually decaying over time to where the apps again fail to run. Restoring the iPhone also seldom works.

Even if the root cause has been identified, however, the weeks-long wait has been cold comfort for those affected by the crashes, many of whom had updated their original iPhones just to add support for third-party programs.

So, lets just wait and watch the iPhone.I do think that its following the same path as that of Vista (great hype before launch and no need to explain thereafter!)


Anonymous said...

Jeez! September?! Thanks for highlighting this issue. It's been a huge pain.