Saturday, April 11, 2009

Useful Widgets,Add-Ons & Tools for Your Blog,Website

Adding Widgets, Add-Ons & tools to your blog is not just a lot of fun for your blog readers, but can also be very useful and help you to create a community for your blog or even a loyal reader base.

Here's a collection of best and most useful blog widgets or add-ons that can be easily integrated with any website/blog. All these below add-ons are 100% Free and they are very easy to install.

Outbrain Star Ratings Widget: Very eager to know what your readers think about your posts?
Here is a cool star rating widget by Outbrain. The insttallation is very simple,
just follow the step by step instructions on their site.

ShareThis or AddThis : Sharethis or Addthis social bookmarking Sharethis social bookmarking buttonbuttons makes it easy for your visitors to share your content with others. It is a good way to increase your link popularity and publicity. Their nice css dropdown icons reduces the clutter on your pages and eliminates the need to add a different button for each social bookmarking service. : This is a real time visitor tracking widget and displays online visitor tracking widget
the number of people currently on your site and what pages they are
reading. You don't need any sign-up's to grab this widget.

Web2PDF Online : With this widget installed, your visitors can easily downloadSave Page as PDF
your articles in PDF format with just a click. The downloaded PDF's are
free of any advertising and you can get full access to download stats,etc.

ZOHO Creator: With Zoho Creator, you can create professional onlinezoho creator
contact forms/web forums in minutes. The good things about this is
there are no data limits and readers can also upload attachments while
submitting the form.

Google Talk Badge: Google Talk Badge will let your visitors toGoogle talk badge
chat with you.The badge will active whenever you sign in to
Googletalk. The nice thing is your visitors can chat with you even
if they don't have a google account.

Yahoo Media Player: With this very useful widget, you canYahoo media player easily add a simple media player to your blog which can auto detect mp3 links and create an embedded player. This tool is very useful for especially audio,music blogs.

Cbox: Cbox or Chatbox is a chat widget which can be easily embedded
in any web page. It is free and have many features including message
history, spam blocking,etc. It can be easily customizable to fit your
blog layout.

Google Translate: This widget lets your non-English speakingGoogle translate widget
visitors to quickly translate your webpage in their native
language with just a single click.

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CheatSheet Collection : Cheat Sheet for web developers

Here is a collection of cheat-sheets which I use. Believe me they are very handy and can save a lot of time while development.

Mootools 1.2 cheat sheet

Mootools Cheat Sheet

Django 1.0 cheat sheet

Django 1.0 Cheat Sheet

CSS Shorthand cheat sheet

CSS Shorthand cheat sheet

XHTML Character entities

XHTML Character entities



HTML XHTML Characters

HTML XHTML Characters

Browser W3C DOM Compatibility Modes

W3C DOM Compatibility Modes

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Start Your Own Business for 250 dollars-Part 1

Are you well-qualified but still without a job? Have you been laid off by your employer and are thinking of the way ahead? Do you want to start your own business with an idea that you have?How do you go about coping with various challenges associated with job layoffs and venturing to start on your own? Then why not start your own venture and put your long awaited dream into practice......Start Your Own Business

Today’s economy isn’t doing anyone any favors, and if you’re one of the unfortunate folks who have been laid off, you might be facing a long haul searching for another job. Is now the right time to put your long-lingering business idea into practice

Here are some tips to get you started with the minimum of budget (Assuming $250 as the budget) This is the I part of the series, watch out for more parts in the coming days.

1) Free Web Hosting (or even a Cheap Web Hosting):
When you start a new venture, one of the foremost need is a Domain.As we all know that you don't get a FREE Doman (you can get a free subdomains in the various free web hosts given below).So it will cost you around $10/year for a new domain name registration at GoDaddy
Then you can go in for any of the different available free web hosts out there in the market.Check out THIS to get a comparison of all the different offfers the different free web hosters provide.Do a thorough research of the different sites by searching and reading the user reviews.You need to have a good webhost able to withstand suddent high slurge of traffic if your site hits the Digg front page :)

2)Design your Site
If you have a knowledge of Website designing then you can cut costs, but if you have no previous experience of Web Design then you can get a Web Designer for a price.You can try many of the sites which provide good web designers or else try GetAFreeLancer.Here you will have the option to choose from a wide range of web coders and designers with varying prices.
Also, you may try LogoEase or LogoMaker to create free logos for your business or your site.Also there are many free banner designers on the web, just google for free banner makers and you will have a huge list of them.

3)Build an E-Commerce Site, Cheaply and Easily
If you plan to sell physical goods, you’ll need a service to handle e-commerce transactions, process credit cards, and provide security for both. Setting all of this up on your own server is an expensive, time-consuming task laden with security risks. It’s best to outsource the functions to a hosted service, which can be surprisingly affordable. Paypal allows you to sell stuff from your website and take the payment through their service. It has support for Indian bank accounts, so withdrawing money from it is quite easy. If you’re only selling digital goods, check out Oranjo as well. This free service lets you quicky set up a digital download system. It supports PayPal and Google Checkout.

4)Get an international Number
If you are planning to have your presence felt in other parts of the world, then it is recommended to have a local number in that country or some country near it.Skype lets you get a local number in twenty one countries. Callers in that country will call the local number, and you can answer the call with Skype on your computer.It costs $60 for one year for a single number. If you wish, you can also get the calls forwarded to your own cellphone, but that will cost more.

So, now you don't have to worry about starting your own business.This is the end of the part 1 of the series (the number of parts is not known even to me!! I just go on posting them)

Check out for more latest updates only at VishTecho

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Youtube charging $0.99 for download?

YouTube is the leader of online video, sharing original videos worldwide through a Web experience. Year 2006, YouTube was purchased by Google Inc.These days Google announced paid downloads of YouTube videos. So, YouTube’s partners can now offer their videos for paid downloads.But we'll let you know of a method to download youtube videos for free...

There are four types of licenses for pay to download YouTube videos: License 1,Personal, non-commercial use only; License 2, Creative Commons (Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works); License 3, Creative Commons (Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike); License 4, Creative Commons (Attribution).

More detail on license type definition, please refer to YouTube help center.

How to download these videos which has to pay for $0.99 or more?

Step 1. Login in and search the video you’d like to download.

Step 2. Below the video’s play bar in the lower left hand corner, you’ll see a "Download" button.Click the "Download" button to indicate that you’d like to download the video.

Attention: Till now only few of partner videos have “Download” button below their play bar. Such as household hacker on YouTube

Step 3. Pay this video through Google checkout.

Step 4. After payment, start to download mp4 files for YouTube.

How to free download YouTube videos?

Step 1:Go to the site KeepVid

Step 2:Enter the URL of the Youtube Video (NOTE:It can be any other video site like metacafe,dailymotion etc) and click DOWNLOAD

Step 3:BINGO!! You get two download links.One is a low quality .flv video and the other a high quality .mp4 video.What's more you can download this video using any download manager with full resume support as with other direct downloads!!!

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Background Picture on USB Drive

This guide tells you how to put a background wallpaper on your USB Pen Drive(you can even try this trick on your existing Hard Drive i.e C,D etc..)
All my friends love this, and they keep asking how i do it, so here it goes...

Copy this code to notepad,then save it as "desktop.ini"









VeBRA sources - don't delete the tag above, it's there for XXXXX purposes -







1. Where "your_picture.jpg" is, delete that and replace with your picture name for example "superman.gif"

2. Put "desktop.ini and your chosen picture in ur USB Drive then Hidden it

3. Refresh and ENJOY with your new background.

4.u can also try on C,D,E F drives

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Cange Windows Boot Screen

Want to have a funky looking Boot screen for your Windows XP?
Want to amaze your friends with your very own picture instead of the boring old Windows XP?
Then look no further as we present before you this simple little hack to change the Boot Screen of your Windows XP.This is a very old trick, but hardly many know about this trick.

These instructions assume that you have a place to download the boot screen from the net.

If you would like to download a boot screen, visit

1.Backup (copy) the file %windir%\system32\ntoskrnl.exe

(most likely C:\windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe - the boot screen)

2. Download the .zip to your computer

3. Extract ntoskrnl.exe to a directory other than %windir%\system32 (most likely C:\windows\system32)

4. Reboot your computer into Safe Mode (hit F8 before the boot screen) or into true DOS (from a boot disk)

5. Overwrite the file %windir%\system32\ntoskrnl.exe (which should have been backed up) with the extracted exe

6.Reboot your computer as you normally would

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Most Expensive Mobile Phones

What is the costliest mobile phone you have ever seen? Is it the iPhone craze on the Net or the brand new Nokia N97 in your friend's hands? What you see now will not just amaze you but will take your breath away the moment you check their prices.Don't believe me? Then just come on in and watch the dazzling collection of the Costliest, most Expensive Mobile Phones in the world.

Until recently, the vast majority of mobile phones had been priced between £100 and £300, with only Vertu, a division of Nokia, manufacturing uber-premium phones. With prices starting at around £4,000 Vertu phones are only for the filthy rich, and the super famous.

However, Vertu’s monopoly of the luxury phone market is coming to an end with the launch of several new luxury mobile makers, including Gresso, Mobiado and GoldVish. Other mobile phone manufacturers are also partnering with luxury brands to produce a range of premium mobile phones, such as LG and Prada, D&G and Motorola, and now Tag Heuer and Modelabs. Finally, there are the ridiculous, super-expensive one-offs, made purely for headline grabbing, such as Goldvish’s “Le million”, worth a cool $1,000,000, see below for details!

1. Goldvish “Le million” = $1,000,000 (£540,540)


A PR stunt it may be, and they surely can’t be expecting to sell any, but the Goldvish “Le million” is officially the most expensive mobile phone in the world, according the Guiness Books of Records. There’s even been talk of a $1.3million phone, but this has fewer diamonds than the Goldvish so I can’t see where the extra expense comes from! The “Le million” is a one off, featuring a blinding 120 carats worth of VVS-1 grade diamonds, according to designer Emmanuel Gueit. If $1 million is out of your price range. the Geneva-based Goldvish also offer several other diamond-encrusted 18k gold models in your choice of rose, yellow, or white, starting at a much more reasonable $25,600 (£13,837). ;)


2. Vertu Signature Cobra = $310,000 (£167,567)

Vertu Cobra

Vertu is now taking orders for the Signature Cobra, designed by French jeweler Boucheron, but you had better be quick as only 8 are being made! The Cobra will feature one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies. Vertu will also be offering a “cheaper” version, ruby free, at $115,000 (£62,162).


3. Sony Ericsson Black Diamond = $300,000 (£162,162)

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

Apparently the Black Diamond will be available in 2007, not from Sony Ericsson but by a company called VIPN. Initially only 5 unique numered pieces will be available for the unbelievable price of, wait for it… $300,000.

With regards to the specifications, don’t expect anything remarkable for your money. It will have Quad-band with Wi-Fi, an Intel 400Mhz processor running windows mobile 5, and a touch sensitive 2″ screen. It will also include internal memory of 128mb and will come with a 2Gb SD card for external storage, plus a respectable 4 Megapixel camera.

The designer Jaren Goh has used some pretty impressive materials for the build, featuring titane with polycarbonate, mirror-finish cladding and diamonds.


4. Vertu Diamond = $88,000 (£47,567)

Vertu Diamond

The Diamond is Vertu’s premium range of high-end mobile phones. As the name suggests the handsets in the Diamond range are diamond-encrusted handsets made from platinum. Only 200 of the handsets are being produced, the most expensive believed to be worth an estimated £50,000.

5. Motorola V220 Special Edition = £28,000 ($51,800)


Austrian designer Peter Aloisson, has taken a standard Motorola, studded it with 1,200 diamonds and added a keyboard inlaid with 18 carat gold. The outcome is a £28,000 handset, suitable only for footballers and film stars!


6. Gold Edition Nokia 8800 Phone = $2,700 (£1,459)

Gold Nokia 8800 Mobile Phone

If you have $2,700 to spare, you can now buy the Nokia 8800 in 24K gold. However, be warned, if you think you’ll be getting a better phone for your extra cash, you wont! The features found on the Gold Edition are the standard 8800 features, which are pretty basic. It includes a 0.5 Mega pixel SVGA camera, 64 MB of internal memory, 64 voice polyphonic rigntones, FM Radio, Mp3 Player, video recording and 180 mins talktime. However, the Gold Edition does includes a special edition box and charging dock!


7. Mobiado Professional EM (wood) = $1,900 (£1,027)


The Mobiado Professional EM, is a wood-clad upgrade of their earlier Nokia-based phone that includes a 1.3 megapixel camera, music player, FM radio, Bluetooth, and according to Mobiado it’s the first production phone with Titanium buttons. Only 200 are being made and each one has its limited number engraved on the back. At $1,900 however, you’re still paying an awfully high premium for a fairly basic phone encased in wood!


8. Bang & Olufsen (Samsung) Serene = $1,250 (£675)

Bang and olufsen serene mobile phone

Bang & Olufsen hooked up with Samsung to design the sleek but unconventional Serene. Its not a bad looking phone and it even has a built-in motor to assist you in opening and closing the phone. It’s not very practical however, requiring a special screwdriver to access the battery and the SIM card, and its circular keypad will take some getting used to. Also, for some strange reason they have positioned the camera lens on the side of the device, which will make it difficult to align snapshots via the viewfinder on the display.


9. Lamborghini 8800 Sirocco from Nokia = $To be announced

Lamorghini 8800

The Lamborghini Nokia 8800 Sirocco is another special edition, like the previously launch Aston Martin branded Sirocco. It will ultimately be a standard 8800 Sirocco but with the addition of the famous Lamborghini logo engraved on the font and the back, plus ball bearings from the auto company to in the slider phone mechanism. The Lamborghini phone will be a limited edition with only 500 being made. It will also feature Lamborghini graphics as wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones, and even has a short documentary video about the Lamborghini.


10. Gresso Luxury Phone = £expensive


The Russia based Gresso, is a new entry into the luxury phone market. Their aptly name “Gresso Luxury Phone” is made of gold and African Blackwood. Apparently they will be releasing a collection of five models called the Black Aura collection, and the designer is a “well known” Italian designer. Currently there are two versions of the African Blackwood phone, one with pink gold highlights named the Gresso Blackwood Gold Edition, and one made entirely of African Blackwood. In addition to the two African Blackwood phones Gresso also make a phone made entirely of pink gold named the Gresso Gold phone. Initially, the phones will be on sale only in Russia.


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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Remove Virus from Your Computer

Got a virus on your system that doesn't show any sign of leaving? Well viruses are made not to leave the system.They just keep on bothering you and might even steal your private information.So what to do if your system has been attacked by a virus?
This guide tells you some simple yet essential steps to make your PC virus free

1. Disable system restore, most viruses go into system restore and to get them out it has to be disabled.
Windows XP:

Steps to turn off System Restore
1. Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
2. In the System Properties dialog box, click the System Restore tab.
3. Click to select the Turn off System Restore check box. Or, click to select the Turn off System Restore on all drives check box.
4. Click OK.
5. When you receive the following message, click Yes to confirm that you want to turn off System Restore:
You have chosen to turn off System Restore. If you continue, all existing restore points will be deleted, and you will not be able to track or undo changes to your computer.

Steps to turn on System Restore
1. Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
2. In the System Properties dialog box, click the System Restore tab.
3. Click to clear the Turn off System Restore check box. Or, click the Turn off System Restore on all drives check box.
4. Click OK.

Windows Vista:
1) Type system into the start menu search box, and pick the 4th item down, just labeled "System". (You could also right-click the computer icon and choose properties)
2)Now click the System protection link
3)Once you uncheck the drive, click the "Turn System Restore Off" button
4)To enable repeat the steps and then check the drive box that you had unchecked before.

2.Backup only important stuff, if you start backing up everything infected files may transfer. However, this might not be needed unless you got really important stuff.
If the virus infected your entire OS and you cant boot into Windows by normal mode or Safemode use Hirens Boot Disk 9.5. It comes with small version of Windows 98 that runs from RAM it can be used to back up important files.

3. You should get Hirens Bootdisk 9.5, scan with the 2 antivirus programs and antispyware programs before Windows starts!! Use this disk to test other hardware problems such as test bad RAM, bad hard drives, ect

Download Hirens bootcd 9.4 + keyboard patch

If you can start Windows and can get to desktop install and run this freeware , SuperAntiSpyware, Spybot Search and Destroy, Ad Aware 2008, McAfee Stinger, Spyware Terminator, and Malwarebytes Antispyware. Also some good other freeware programs you should get; CCleaner, Glary Utilities and Advance WindowsCare Personal. Run one program at a time, or if your computer is fast run two at same time.

All freeware spyware removers plus CCleaner, Glary Utilities, Advance WindowsCare Personal only 67MB's

5.Start Windows in safemode and install Hijackthis save the log and then go to

That site will tell you what to delete using Hijackthis. When your going to delete something that gets picked up as nasty or virus. Make sure you go into google and look up that .exe files, it could be graphics driver or printer driver. Hijackthis picks up my Lexmark driver as a possible bad file but its not. So be sure you know what your deleting cuz Hijackthis deletes them and it wont bring them back if you make errors. If your unsure about your log save it and go to Help section and post it.

6. Get the latest Geek Squad CD; run all of its antivirus programs. It should remove something. BTW you should disconnect from the internet before using this CD and it will be flagged by some antiviruses cuz it trys to phone home.

Download links
part 1, you have to extract it out of this rar, and put it next to the other rars

7. Once you think you have cleaned your PC, restart normally if things seem fine then check your computer using this free online virus scanners!! Run one by one till you know your clean. If one of them comes with virus result, write down its directory and name of it. Then post question in the Comments of this post.We at VishTecho will try to find a solution for your problem.Or download the antivirus that detects it and uninstall your current one and use the one that picks up the virus.


Trend Micro Online Scanner

Panda Security Online Scanner

Kaspersky Online Scanner

McAFee Online Scanner

BitDefender Online Scanner

Windows Live OneCare Scanner and Spyware remover

F-Secure Scanner and Spyware remover

ESET Online Scanner

EWIDO Online Scanner


8. Last step is to Install CCleaner and use it to delete temporary files.
Its very good program, i use it to remove around 1 GB every week. Imagine if you never run it? You probably can gain more space!!!
Another thing you could do is create a shadow copy of your hard drive in case anything ever goes bad you can just reformat hard drive and install this shadow copy. Use Hirens BootDisk it has Acronis True Image for backing up your whole PC.
I suggest you give Kaspersky or McAfee antivirus a try. They are the best To remove your current antivirus and try other ones use Your Uninstaller 2008. I recommend you always use LEGAL antiviruses so you can update their definitions everyday.

If you cant afford an antivirus get a free one! This are free antiviruses (you can only use one at a time)

Free AntiViruses

Avast Home Edition

AVG Free

Avira Antivirus Free edition


Bitdefender 10 Free edition

PC Tools Free Antivirus

ThreatFire free edition

If you have any problems, please post it in the Comments.We will try to find a solution for your problem as fast as we can.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dry a CellPhone Fallen in Water

If you’ve dropped your cell phone in water, or just gotten it wet, then you’ll want to make sure you follow a series of steps to ensure it will continue to operate.Here are the steps to be followed immediately:

Remove the phone from the water source

If you are able to quickly remove the phone from the water, then you’re likely to be able to restore it. Most phones have a tight, sealed outside layer that will help keep out water for a short period of time. The key is avoiding contact between the water and the phones electronic components while they are powered by the cell phones battery.

Begin to dry the phone and remove accessories

You should quickly work to get rid of the excess water by draining the phone and then using a towel to clean off external moisture. Resist the temptation to use a hair dryer on the internal components, as this may cause damage to the circuitry, even at a low temperature. Instead, you need to use a suction source such as a vacuum, but be careful to keep it out of direct contact, otherwise static electricity might come into play. Once you have removed the water that you can directly, you should use a dessicate to absorb water on the phone.

Allow the Phone to Dry and Test It

After you have following the aforementioned steps, allow the phone to dry naturally dry. After 24 hours you should test its operation. If it’s still not working, you should visit your cellular carrier store to see if they can help replace or restore the phone.


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Windows Maintainence Security

After your PC has been under maintained for so long, it tends to get laggy, choppy, slow download speeds, and much more. In this guide, I will be covering some great ways in which you can use to maintain your PC to it's utmost condition.

Common Windows Fixes

Windows is not like an old television - by this I mean that giving it a good smack won't get it running again. If anything, it will damage the computer even more. In this part of my guide, I will be adding some useful tips on how to fix your computer from simple and common problems.

It's not coming on

This is what I'd like to call a "Dumb F**k" problem. Simply, plug the damn thing into the outlet or turn the switch on the top/back of your computer. If none of that works, your PSU is f**ked. Go buy a new one ^_^
The Internet Isn't Working
Restart your router, make sure everything is connected via Ethernet cables, and restart your PC. If none of that works, try bitching to your ISP or maybe even paying the bill ;)
(some program) Has Preformed An Illegal Action, It Will Need To Close
Simply click "Ok" or "Yes" when the exit program box pops up, It's nothing to worry about. If you continue to recieve this in the future, write down the "Details" of the offending program and ask a professional.
(BSOD) Blue Screen of Death
Nobody likes this little bastard, and I don't think anyone will. If you get one of these, a simply restart will solve the problem. But if it persists, write down what it says and consult a PC Techie.
"I cant get rid of this virus!!1!1!one one HALP!"
Did you try running your scans in safe mode? That usually does the trick ;). If not, run Hijackthis, and give us a log, we'll see what we can do for you ;).
I can't close this program! It froze!
The 10 letter guide to Windows, CTRL+ALT+DEL. Press those 3 keys at the same time, find the offending application, highlight it, and press end task. If the problem persists, try re-installing it. If CTRL+DEL won't fix anything, press CTRL+ESC and it will open your start menu in where you can restart your computer.
My computer says I need to install updates! How?
Check out Windows Update, it will show a list of Microsoft-made updates for your operating system as long as it is supported. Sadly, for Windows 98 users, support for that OS was dropped not too long ago.
Hard Drive Not Found
O shi-. It's times like this that you had wished you made that emergency boot disk. This is why you should always have one at bay, ready to go into action. Things like this can happen unexpectedly at any moment. If that doesn't do the job, you may need to restart your bios or replace your computer's internal battery.
Can't Detect Mouse/Keyboard
This usually happens when your using a USB mouse or keyboard. To fix this, simply plug in a regular PS/2 keyboard, and enable usb devices in the computers bios.
By the way, always check for new drivers for your hardware!

Spyware and Adware

Spyware is becoming a rising threat in todays society. This type of software gathers your personal information, gives it to advertisers, spam marketing, ect ect so some laughing bastard on the other side of the Ethernet cable is getting paid for it. It can also control what you do on your computer, and can sometimes be a bitch to remove. But then again, adware is no friend of yours either. Adware is exactly what it's called, it's a type of ware that displays ads wherever you are. I've had it before, and it's not pretty(By this, I mean that unstoppable popup's keep coming and coming). Both of these types of software totally suck ass through a straw and you don't want to encounter them, trust me. This part of the tutorial is vital so that your PC doesn't become a mess like this.

This little dandy is a favorite of mine for one reason - it does what it was made to do. Defiantly not the most powerful thing out there, but defiantly not the worst. Not only does this small package pack a punch against Spyware, it also deals a fair shot towards Adware, Trojans, Virus's, Tracking Cookies (Even though they're not really a bad thing, they can still be a nuisance some times), Exploits, and much more. I'd recommend this one to pretty much everyone who owns a PC.
Download Link - Ad-Aware 2007 (Free)
Spyware Blaster
It doesn't seem like much, but it does an excellent job of protecting you from having malicious software installed unnoticed. This one tool adds an ass load of malicious sites to your "Restricted Website List" In both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox (Sorry Opera users :(). I have nothing else to say about this one except for that when you download and install it, make it your first task to press the update button ;).
Download Link - Spyware Blaster (Free)
Windows Defender
Windows Defender, by (God forgive me for saying it) Microsoft, is actually a half decent computer utility. Seriously. It works in real time, protects against intrusions, popups, unwanted sluggish performance, adware, and spyware. It also provides tips as to how to handle the situation (Lol give m$ moneyz?) and I'd defiantly recommend it.
Download Link - Windows Defender (Free)
Virus Removal/Protection
Computer virus's have been around since, well, since computers have been around, and their type of usage has not changed at all. I'll list a few handy-dandy programs now in a minute, but first, I'd like to share with you a few tips as to keep yourself safe.
  • Only download from sites you trust
  • Always scan a file before running/extracting
  • Use a firewall
Be sure to follow those to make sure that you keep yourself [s]STD[/s] virus free. Now, it's time for you to get yourself some virus protection.

AVG AntiVirus
Is there really that much to be said? AVG is an excellent program, it's better then pretty much most of the competition, including the ones that cost money, and it's 100% free! This anti-virus is a freaking' tank when it comes to virus removal. It takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. (I said there wasen't much to be said ;))
Download Link - AVG Anti-Virus (Free)
avast! Home Edition
It'd be nice to notice how I italicized "most" in my AVG paragraph. Well, this one is like AVG, on roids. I personally named it the "Clusterf**ker" as that is exactly what it does to threats it finds. It wipes them the f**k off the hard drive, and thats why I like about this one. It'll keep you safe and secure from many, many different threats ;)
Download Link - avast! Home Edition (free)
Defragmentation, also known as defragging, is a process in which the files of the computer are physically rearranged in order to decrease the fragmentation of the hard drive. Another process which defragmentation uses to tweak your computer is the compaction process which files are compressed in order to create free space and in return, slow the process of fragmentation.

Auslogics Disk Defrag
This program is pretty much "the shit" to have when it comes to defragging your hard drive. It does an excellent job of defragging and is a million times better then the "Disk Defragger" which came with your copy of whatever version of windows you run on. This program works great with Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, and Vista and is bound to give your PC that little cleanup it's been waiting for.
Download Link - Auslogics Disk Defrag (free)

Various Cleanups
This part of the guide is dedicated to various cleanups which will help improve Window's performance.

CCleaner, or Crap Cleaner, whatever you want to call it, does a great job at cleaning up your temp files. The first time I ran it, it deleted 6gb's of temp crap on my HD which had no use but to take up space. I recommend this program to anyone as it is very helpful in tweaking your PC's performance as well as opening up some extra space on your HD.
Download Link - CCleaner (free)
Rootkit Unhooker
Rootkit Unhooker specializes in removing rootkits which have been hooked with virus's, spyware, and other bad shit. Sometimes, they hook themselves to rootkits and Rootkit Unhooker is your last resort to getting rid of them. I really recommend this one as it helps you keep your computer crap-free. Be careful what your doing though, sometimes you can crash your computer if you unhook the wrong things ;).
Download Link - Rootkit Unhooker (free)
Other Helpful Utilities

Speedfan is a helpful utility which monitors your PC temps using sensors on the motherboard, and gives you the ability to change the speed of your fans if they're connected properly. My average temperatures are 38 under load and 28 while idling. So, if your PC temp suddenly goes up in the 50+'s, I suggest giving your PC a quick dust down, inside and out :P.
Download Link - Speedfan (free)
CPU-Z is a handy little tool which will be able to tell you every little bit about your PC, right down to the speed of your RAM, your socket type, what version of USB drivers you use, and gets even more indepth from there. It's a must have
Download Link - CPU-Z (free)
Firefox is a top notch web browser which incorporates high speeds with grand protection. This beast is well tamed to treat you well during your journey into the internet. I've been using it for years and it's has since served me greatly. There are alot of awesome ad-ons for it to enhance your web browsing experience even more! Enjoy!
Download Link - Firefox 2 (free)
Opera is an excellent browser. It ranks with Firefox and is definatly a browser of choice. It has a "Speed Dial" script which allows you fast access to any of your sites, .torrent support when your downloading, rich text editing, and much more. It's one of my recommendations.
Download Link - Opera (free)
Notepad2 is an enhanced version of Microsoft's "Notepad". It comes with syntax highlighting, line numbering, and lots of great tools for programming. It's defiantly a programming tool of choice for those who are into that sort of thing.
Download Link - Notepad2 (free)

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Convert Gmail Messages into Documents

Did you know that you can actually save your Gmail messages as documents.This is possible because of the new Google Labs feature presented in every user's Gmail account.To convert all you have to do is

1)Log into your Gmail account.

2)Select the "Settings" option from the top.

3)Then select the "Labs" tab.

4)Then scroll down a little where you will find the title "Create a document"

5)Click on the radio button next to "Enable"

6)Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Save Changes".

7)Now go to your Inbox and click on the message which you want to convert to a document.

8)To the right you will find the option "Create a document".Click on it.

9)Google will then convert the message into a word document and this will then be saved in your Google Docs account.

This is a basic use of this option.We have to wait and see what new improvements we can see further.

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