Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mac Bundle Box - Special Offer

Apple Mac users have been frequently offered applications at special price.Here too you have a chance to buy Mac Bundle Box comprising 15 applications at $346.69  $49.95 only.
The available applications are;

1)Headline - a reader of feeds with minimal extreme aspect.

2)Mac Pilot 3 - system optimizer

3)iConquer - a strategy game.

4)Mahjong Forests - a Chinese traditional game.

5)Shoebox Express - an organiser of photograph according to subjects.

6)Caboodle - Lean, clean, snippet machine to store information on your Mac

7)Narrator - reader of text in multiple voices.

8)WriteRoom - a text publisher that promises concentration only in the text.

9)Scribbles - a simple tool of drawing.

10)Money - Form to organise the domestic finances.

11)Operation - Publisher of projects.

12)Dawn - a alarm-clock that itself co-ordinates with iTunes.

13)Composer - an image publisher.

14)Sofa Control - to control many applications through apple remote.