Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Funny Google Search Results

GOOGLE, Who hasn't heard of it? You might use it daily for a whole bunch of information.But do you know the funny side of this? Try searching some Queries and Google gives you very "FUNNY" results. Here are some of the very famous examples:

Who is a failure?
Just type in ” who is a failure ? ” in the Google search box and hit enter. And the first result is…well..see it for yourself.


If you type the word search in the Google search box and hit enter, the weird thing is that Google itself shows up somewhere down at 8th place.BTW, the first result is AltaVista!!!


This one is really hilarious and probably the most desired one too. Type the word Achieving in Google search box and see the first result. LOL !

What to do if inside of the grill gets wet

Ask Google what to do if inside of the grill goes wet. Well, I think Google is pretty good at assuming things too…accurate!

Find Chuck Norris

So you wanna find Chuck Norris, huh ? Type it in Google and click on I’m feeling lucky, and then see what it has to say ( It’s actually a site created probably by a Chuck fan. Neat idea ! )

But here comes the BEST!
Do a google search for....

US President George.W.Bush a Big Winner
Needs no explaination!


Eric Williams said...

That is some absolute funny crap I almost did not believe the Find Chuck Norris one until I did it. I wonder if Chuck Norris even has seen this.

Clayton Roche said...

Actually eric, if you look at the URL, it's That's not a google website, it's his website. Which explains the picture ad in the bottom and the "search chuck norris' beard" radio button that appears underneath the search bar.

Still good stuff though =)

Eric Williams said...

Not sure what you are talking about I went to and did the search and got the response just like it listed. There was no link to Try it yourself it works...

Clayton Roche said...

The link isn't in the search results--it's the actual URL of the webpage.

Search google (don't hit "I'm feeling lucky"). The first link is the same page that it goes to, because of course, that's what I'm feeling Lucky is.